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Dolcificio Veneto

Since 1973…

Dolcificio Veneto was established in 1973 and has its roots in the most fertile and genuine handcraft Venetian tradition with over 50 years of history.

The founder was Mr. Giovanni lazzari, grandfather of Mr. Luca Lazzari who is the current owner of Dolcificio Veneto. Mr. Giovanni produced and marketed crispy bars as characteristic sweets in the local fairs. He was followed by his son Luciano, who continued to produce and market the crispy with the same dedication of the father, but he was able to expand the target customer giving a corporate nature to his activitiy. He wanted to disseminate his family tradition basing his effort always on a production of handmade quality.

The last in order of time is Mr. Luca Lazzari, who collected and consolidated the lessons and experience of his predecessors, aiming to constant innovation and research to improve the quality of all products from different points of view.





Our Representation 

Experience and innovation, combined with the constant research and recognized quality of products have enabled the company to reach the current level of excellence in its manufacturing sector.

Recent enhancements to the corporate structure and the dedication of the staff help to make the Dolcificio Veneto able to satisfy the customer requirements and to ensure the distribution of its products beyond national borders.

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